Sunday, March 14, 2021

Year in Review

It's been a year of this pandemic bullshit, and boy am I ready for King Gidorah to lay glorious waste to this sorry world!

Americans are stupid; in fact they're vastly more retarded than I in my most cynical imaginings prior to this pandemic darkly divined … and they're savagely vicious about being idiots, too! On the right you've got conspiracist redneck domestic terrorists who hate minorities and women and just can't bear the thought of a society that's not a vampire-capitalist Jacob's ladder whose pinnacle spews torrents of shit down on the hapless, and on the left you've got militant New Age social engineers perverting children according to politicized "science" in a vile Brave New World Order Project Artichike experiment while calling every white guy who doesn't meekly toe the line of racial self-loathing a racist. I can't talk to ANY of these people anymore! When they're not calling me a communist snowflake or a trans-phobic white supremacist they're spouting nothing but soundbite-sized memes and inane call-center peudologisms that contribute less to meaningful rapport than the juvenile discourse markers I used to torment my aunt. The weird thing about it is everyone's equivalently moronic and bellicose; it's got nothing to do with educational and cultural background.

And, of course the pandemic's still around and getting people sick and killing them, though not nearly enough to be an effective herd thinner even if it's dire enough to destroy my service economy. There are vaccines available, and now that we have a real president they're getting produced and distributed in earnest … but with the emergence of dangerous mutations I've pretty much planned on wearing face coverings in public for the rest of my life, and I've little doubt business and government will be restricted or shuttered for most of the next couple years. Who knows when I'll actually settle the harassment charge against me and be guilty or innocent … I don't even care which! (It's this pending litigation that's why I'm picking up bottles and cans instead of delivering for Über Eats.) I've even started filing for social security benefits because of this weenie plague — not only will my service industry economy likely not fully recover, but do I even want to work with my fellow Americans? (I swear, sometimes I think my citizen peers are worse for my mental health than my elected government is!)

Speaking of the pandemic and stupid Americans, I think I've written over a hundred and twenty grievances against neighbors, their guests, and trespassers in my building for not wearing face coverings in the common areas. Welcome to the freedom-loving land of responsible people! My neighbors are so loathesomely ignorant and self-centered, I wear a respirator whenever I leave my apartment now … though of course I take it off when I venture far enough to get away from Yuppie joggers. To be expected from living in a slumlord-mismanaged insane asylum, though word has it I and my fellow former neighbors will be moving back home to the Fountain Place in September or October. I can't wait! As much as I dislike living downtown, that building was a lot better than this place, plus I wasn't completely surrounded by Cali-elite techtards. I just hope I'm not fucked with again by property management because of being under pending litigation, to the point where instead of returning home I end up homeless again! In anticipation of a re-ocurrance of the relocation nightmare I faced when being temporarily moved here I fired an opening communication salvo at Home Forward workers and the regional Housing and Urban Development office in Seattle. I'm not getting the boot without a fight, even if it gives me a stroke and lands me in jail.

Conclusion: these past 370+ days can totally fuck off. Though one interesting development in this pandemic/dislocation experience of mine is that instead of catching ill from the coronavirus I got sick from mono and a nasty staph infection. This occurred over a month ago, and I'm still fatigued and the right side of my face is stiff and there's still faint red blotches on my head. It's funny, because I'm just as much an isolated misanthrope today as I was thirty years ago — staph is pretty easy to get, but I've no idea where the mono came from.