Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Friendly House = Wingnut House

I'm seriously reconsidering my membership and engagement with the Friendly House community center.

It was supposed to be a boon, a place where I could shower, sit down and enjoy some unhealthy but sustaining food, and use the computers. But, it seems like I'm just too damn sensitive to boorish, noisy, wingnut behaviors by other members to spend any appreciable time in this place. For example: this morning T— got pissy when I objected to having to listen to his obnoxious video he was playing out loud on his phone for everyone to hear (we're all supposed to be using head phones r ear buds when doing that sort of thing), then some fucking crazy fool sat across from me looking in my direction with his ridiculous sunglasses on talking to himself and accused me of being crazy and sharting shit when I asked him if he was talking to me. It just seems like yet another typically Portland institution, where the lunatic inmates have completely overrun the asylum; I've experienced this problem with Transition Projects and with Central Cty Concern, and the result is always the same — introverted and well-behaved people like me who are sensitive to chaos and noise get alienated and effectively shut out because deference is given to flamboyantly crazy people or cartoonishly animated dope fiends.

The lame thing about it is this kind of bullshit not only goes cntrary to the mission statement of the social services and community centers but is the result of selective enforcement of rules. It's blatant hypocrisy and discrimination, carried out by woke virtue-signaling assholes.

I'm very probably going to withdraw my membership from the Friendly House after I move all of my stuff out of my locker and figure out another place to charge my electronics and shower. Then I'll insist on a pro-rated refund of my membership and locker fees, or I'll complan to the Better Business Bureau, the Department of Justice: Consumer Protection Section, the local neighborhood paper, and possibly even hire an attorney when I get "paid" nexty month to sue the place for the money plus legal fees and emotional damages. I'll talk to the director of the community center first, but I have no faith in improvement, especially considerin how she's ignored my email complaints for a couple weeks.