Tuesday, March 21, 2017

SALT III Summit 2017

It looks like I may either lose my job or end up looking for another one and moving on as soon as is practical. I blew up on Lobstrocity — fortunately mostly via text after work — Caturday, after a minor chiding by her rubbed the scab off a festering grudge during the peak of an hours-long insanity rush that was knocking all of our dicks in the dirt. I called her out on her abberant psychology with my typically sharp-tongued contempt, so she's roasting me over coals in her heart. I guess I didn't get over her weeks of oppressive bipolar passive-aggressive cunt emanations, even after she apologized that Friday before I bashed my face on the stairwell.

Well, I'll find out tomorrow at 3:30 PM. I need this damn job, so I'll do my best to gracefully navigate the political landscape of the scheduled owner-moderated peace talks. Whether or not the Lobstrocity is sincere in her own overtures and whether or not I find myself in petty machination crosshairs afterward...I don't care. I'm just going to be a co-worker: do an above-average job and keep to myself, refrain from small miscreance, and probably look for work elsewhere in a couple months or as soon as I smell trouble. No more Amazon shopping sprees, alas; time to save up. Shit! Do I have a dental appointment tomorrow? *phew* Nope, not til Thursday.

Fucking work politics. I suck at the interpersonal bullshit, save for limited intervals of widely interspersed charm: I despise my fellow humans, and even when I get along with them or deign to relate to them I'm looking for a reason to toss homeskillet off the cliff (in general, even, I hate both noisy crowds and intimate familiarity). Lobstrocity sucks at it, too, albeit somewhat differently. The Marquessa does, too, but way differently and in a way I don't really get. This is the restaurant business for you...lol in a nutshell. It would be easier for me if I worked with different people (e.g. D— keeps to herself!), also on days I don't have to go out front much.

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