Saturday, March 25, 2017

Community Garden Plot

One nice thing about passing out early with your face in a book is you wake up early the next day ... and suddenly transitioning from lights out at 3:00 AM to out of bed at 6:00 AM is less a problem. Made an occasion of rousing myself to the sound of waking crows perched outside in the Park Blocks: threw some soap in the tub with me, along with a (dull as FUCK!) razor and a mirror. I even made it to the community garden get-together, after some considerable initial balking; I think what made my mind up was a combination of being sick of sitting around in or walking around in the same boring places and wanting to see if there may be a cutie or two among my fellow gardeners to creep on.

As you can see in the picture … just where in fuck IS my garden plot? It’s there in the middle of the photograph; lol I’m just going to have to get some stakes and twine, at least until I can get my hands on some boards to make a slightly raised bed with. Looks like I’ll be getting a bit of shade from the south, also early shady afternoons and evenings, so I may need to rethink the basil I wanted earlier to try. Including a path, I have room for four ten-foot rows, which means beets and some other stuff. I don’t care yet: first I need to weed the plot and demarcate it, then I need to bolster the soil with compost and mulch — maybe even some peat moss or landscaping gravel — before I worry about planting anything. I really like the neighborhood the garden’s in, so it will be a welcome sanctuary from the boorish Bedlam down here once the dog days of summer settle over us.

But, wait! How am I going to afford all this, being unemployed? The community garden comes with a shed housing various tools, stuff like burlap sacks and compost or wood chips get donated to us periodically throughout the year, seeds are cheap, and there’s sacks of landscaping gravel all over the place waiting for adventures in petty larceny — what with everyone moving here, construction is happening every few blocks. Besides, with deposits going up to 10¢ next month I’ll only need to collect 117 cans and bottles a day to bring in $350 a month, which is enough to get by and even enjoy a modest lifestyle of board games, kimchi, Android development, and ganja … and to keep up on a job search that will hopefully see me employed part-time again before fall.

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