Monday, August 11, 2014

Time To Go

Going to residential drug and alcohol treatment tomorrow morning. You may not hear from me for three months or longer. When you do, it may be a pretty long post. Yeah, I talked myself back into it; it's been getting too damn stupid outside, or rather I've been.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Kinda I Want To

I've been getting a little crazy recently with the drinking, to the point where a few nights ago I ran around brandishing a metal pipe screaming at invisible thieves and traitors — which fortunately didn't result in anyone getting hurt or me getting jailed — and the next night I maliciously chucked a just-turned homeless girl's belongings onto the nearby freeway because I didn't want her around. Alcohol can easily make people weird and aggressive when consumed in sufficient quantities for long enough. It's not just getting black-out drunk and being a creep or jerk to whomever; when one drinks all day every day for long enough — and on top of that eats hardly any food, a common problem among all kinds of substance abusers — one slides into a dark fugue similar to drug-induced or trauma-induced psychosis. In my case it starts off with mad gibberings about being fae-blooded or some other kind of otherworldly creature, proceeds to black mutterings about the attainment of immortality and demiurge glory, and then progresses to animosity toward the world around me that often culminates in drama and violence. I remember how one time I was shot at by the owner of a bar when I fled the establishment after having assaulted a patron with a broken bottle because I believed the man held some dark design against me!