Monday, January 27, 2014

Sweet Denial

Do I really want to blog about this?

I'm leaving tomorrow because I've spent the past few weeks pissing money away on getting loaded with neighbors instead of planning and preparing like I should have. All I have is this strange Backpack Bed I'm not sure how useful will be as a regular overnight shelter, a cheap-ass WalMart sleeping bag that refuses to compress down to fit into my trekking backpack, and a trekking backpack that can't hold the aforementioned items because of their weight and bulk; oh, and a tarp that seems to be falling apart merely from folding and storing it, and a week's supply of clothing. I was supposed to get a locker to store stuff at TPI, a good compressible sleeping bag warm enough for the more chilly winter nights, and better tarps and the accompanying ropes and bungee cords and carabiners to ensure that I can not only be relatively warm and dry at night but also be able to set up and break down camp quickly enough to elude police or neighbor or fellow homeless harassment, not to mention the mobility to enable me to get away from downtown Portland. I don't even have a decent jacket, adequate rain gear, or more than a single pair of long johns! I certainly have a gift for yanking the rug out beneath my feet. Well, at least I didn't get evicted, so my rental record hasn't been besmirched.

I'll keep you posted, those of you who find a bum's self-pity enthralling.

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